Monday, October 26, 2009

Is Aditya Chopra behind Rani’s TV debut?

Filmmaker shares good relationship with channel

Rani Mukerji was the last name announced by Sony TV to be the judge in the ongoing dance reality show, “Dance Premier League” (DPL).

Was it Aditya Chopra’s reference that got her the show?

Sony TV and Yash Raj Films (YRF) share a very good business relationship.

It seems that just two days before Sony made the announcement about Rani being part of the show, the channel signed an agreement with YRF for producing exclusive fiction and non-fiction content for the channel. So now, Aditya Chopra and his talented team at YRF will be working as producers to create exclusive content for Sony TV.

Incidentally the timing of both the agreements was quite interesting. YRF’s deal with Sony and Rani being part of DPL happened almost simultaneously.

We wonder whether Rani came as a packaged deal for Sony as part of the agreement with YRF?

Meanwhile, while shooting for the second episode of DPL, Rani communicated with one of the participants using sign language that she had learnt five years ago for her movie “Black”, in which she played a deaf and mute character.

One of the contestants on the show, Vishal, who was considered one of the best, was unfortunately deaf. After his performance, when it was the judges’ turn to comment, all of them spoke but Vishal could not understand a word.

That’s when Rani conversed with him in sign language and even congratulated him for being different. While everyone danced on the sound, Vishal had danced guided by his instincts and that’s what impressed Rani.

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